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You are spoilt for choice with our variety of Tulip Montessori's Enrichment Programmes:
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Our Montessori Materials
are specially imported from Holland. We believe in giving you the best to your child. The learning materials are designed to sharpen and develop your child’s life.

The Freedom & Independence in Montessori
Children touch an manipulate everything in their environment. The human mind is handmade, because through movement and touch, the child explores, manipulates, and builds a storehouse of impressions about the physical world around him/her. Children learn best by doing, and this requires movement and spontaneous investigation.

The prepared environment of the Montessori class is a learning lab which helps the child become comfortable and confident in their ability to master the environment, ask questions, figure out answers without the need to be “spoon-fed” by an adult.


Competition is an ineffective learning aid
It is observed that competition is an ineffective toll to motivate children to learn and to work hard in school. Traditionally, schools challenge students to compete with one another for grades, class rankings or class awards, but Montessori schools learn to collaborate with each other rather than mindlessly compete.

We all like to learn and enjoy
All children play! They explore new things playfully. They watch something interesting with a fresh and open mind. They enjoy the company of their parents, adults and other children. They make up stories. They dream. They imagine.

Tulip Montessori will shape your child’s live creatively and helping him/her to grow as a person abundantly.

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